Available Jobs

Senior Software Engineer, Data Delivery Platform

The Data Delivery Platform’s job is to enable the production and consumption of data in our distributed system, including data from our digital advertising and TV systems, different functional requirements for different classes of use case, and different tools for different types of users, all against data sets of serious engineering scale and complexity, with serious 24-7 needs from our awesome-but-demanding customers. We support this delivery on top of 100s of terabytes of event data produced daily, with working data sets up to 100 TB, using well known big-data tools including Vertica, MemSQL, PowerBI, Looker, Presto, Snowflake, and various parts of the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as home-grown processing and delivery tools. We take pride in managing this engineering and complexity scale while providing safe access to quality data.


The Data Delivery Platform is looking for a Senior Engineer to join our team and help us achieve our ambitious goals. You will have the opportunity to help us design and build out new platform capabilities and features; work with data sets from our various front end systems including DirectTV, ATTTV, the digital advertising firehose, and other large real world data sets; mentor and teach other engineers, lead projects, and ultimately even take on a leadership role within the group. The role includes application development, big data engineering, and the ability to think about our products. While the job would likely not include all of these, examples of current development include:

  • Design and build out components of our data publishing and consuming tools that will let internal and external clients explore and query data across our systems in a technology independent way.

  • Create and coalesce our tools to give Product Engineering a service-oriented way to build and publish views in a well governed and scalable way without taking on overhead.

  • Work with databases including MemSQL, Vertica, and Snowflake to provide excellent query latency and data freshness for different use cases.

  • Deepen our integration with and support for BI tools like PowerBI to make it easier for internal analysts to do their job and to enable Product Engineers to give clients powerful access to information on complex products.

  • Help us leverage cloud services from file servers to full support DB solutions such as MemSQL Helios, Vertica Eon, and Snowflake, to improve our functionality and scalability, and make cost structuring across the org easier.


Ideal candidate has:

  • 7+ years of coding and developing on production systems. At least 5-7 years should include application development; 3-5 years should include work with analytical data sets of at least 10 TB, the OLAP paradigm, and OLAP databases such as Vertica or Snowflake.

  • Ability to design solutions that span multiple systems, including applications and databases, often multiple of each.

  • Ability to own and iterate on work independently with targeted feedback and advice as needed, including working from problem definitions to shape work, task it out, and complete it. Ability to use other engineers in projects, mentor them, or even lead them, a major plus.

  • Very strong SQL skills, should be able to write aggregation queries easily.

  • Strong experience with and knowledge of object oriented coding, primarily Java although substantial experience in other languages counts.

  • Strong experience with Java itself a plus; at least some knowledge of Java required.

  • Strong experience writing well-tested code, deploying code safely, and working in a team with coding standards, including: unit testing, functional testing of applications, working with build systems such as Jenkins, code review, design review, etc.

  • Ability to work with stakeholders, including product and other engineers, to understand how our platform maps to needs, and work with them to understand and shape new features, asks, etc.

  • Experience with BI tooling a plus.

  • Experience with Ad Tech a plus.

Senior Software Engineer, Data Platform as a Service (DPaaS)

The Data Platform’s job is to enable a diverse set of processing needs across a large volume of data produced by our front-of-house systems. This includes 100’s of terabytes of daily data from our digital advertising, TV, browser, and location systems; different classes of use case with varied functional requirements around latency, freshness, and availability; all driven by serious 24-7 needs from our awesome-and-demanding customers. We do this using home-grown, open-source, and purchased tools including: many elements of the Hadoop eco-system, including HDFS, Spark, M/R, HBase, and others; AirFlow as well as home grown data processing tools; OLAP systems including Vertica, Snowflake, and MemSQL.


The Data Platform is looking for a Senior Engineer to join our team and help achieve our goals. You will have the opportunity to help us design and build out new platform capabilities and features; evaluate and build out cloud integrations and solutions; mentor and teach other engineers, lead projects, and ultimately even take on a leadership role within the group. Technical work includes distributed architecture, big data engineering, application development, and the ability to think about how our internal users need our platform to evolve. While the job would likely not include all of these, examples of current development include:


Ideal candidate has:

  • 7+ years of coding and developing on production systems. At least 2-3 years should include application development; 2 or more years should include work with data sets of at least 10 TB using data processing techniques such as map/reduce.

  • Ability to design solutions that span distributed systems, including applications, file systems, and databases.

  • Ability to own and iterate on work independently with targeted feedback and advice as needed, including working from problem definitions to shape work, task it out, and complete it. Ability to use other engineers in projects, mentor them, or even lead them, a major plus.

  • Cloud experience in AWS and/or Azure data processing environments.

  • SQL skills.

  • Experience with Java itself a plus; at least some knowledge of Java required.

  • Ability to work with stakeholders, including product and other engineers, to understand how our platform maps to needs, and work with them to understand and shape new features, asks, etc.

  • Experience with Ad Tech a plus.

Security Analyst

Location: Manhattan

Our top-notch Information Security team quickly finds and responds to real time threats. These critical thinkers have a hunger to keep ahead of new exploits and security trends. They protect the vast trove of valuable data that passes through our servers each day. As a part of Information Security team, you’ll continue to uphold our reputation for integrity in this growing and ever-changing field.
The Security Analyst performs entitlement reviews, conducts information security assessments, compliance reviews, incident response and overall cyber security posture of TCUS.  While the primary focus of this position will be HIPAA security, it is not limited to HIPAA.


  • Implement controls and solutions to address information security issues

  • Support information security activities that help reduce operational IT and information security risks

  • Undertake entitlement reviews on a consistent basis

  • Keep current on federal, state and local regulations, especially related to privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

  • Regularly provide and modify HIPAA documentation to accommodate any/all new regulatory requirements and related updates for inclusion in Information Security and Compliance related policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

  • Coordinate and communicate any changes to policies or procedures of affected departments as a result of HIPAA regulatory updates.

  • Create a system that tracks HIPAA compliance for various software and services, including new and updated BAA’s for software used in HIPAA regulated areas. This system should allow review by the CISO, the IT change/software manager, and by departments that are most significantly affected by HIPAA.

  • Work with CISO to coordinate the development of training material to help employees understand current and new HIPAA regulation and how it will impact their organizational duties

  • Work with CISO to perform HIPAA compliance audits against institutionally accepted security controls.

  • Record and prepare reports on IT security incidents using CISOBOX, including but not limited to compromised accounts, e-mail threats, and abuse reports from various sources.

  • Provide first level compliance monitoring and investigations.

  • Assist with applications/tools including but not limited to IPS, e-mail gateway protection, and DLP tools.

  • Other responsibilities, as assigned by CISO.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, or equivalent

  • Minimum 3 years' relevant information security or it audit related experience

  • Familiarity with information security standards and industry best practices, network and security protocols, including firewalls, TCP/IP and other network administration protocols,

  • Administration of security tools and comfortable with performing hands on maintenance and backups, where required.

  • Must be detail oriented

  • Must be advanced with Microsoft Excel and Word.

  • Must have strong writing skillsets.

  • Must have an information security skillset with managerial mindset

  • Possess knowledge of HIPAA-related rules and regulations as well as administrative and organizational systems.

  • Maintain good (digital) citizenship.

  • Uphold, enforce, and abide by all institutional policies.

  • Must be proactive and able to juggle multiple assignments.

Market Data Analyst

(Operations & Country COOs) has the worldwide responsibility for the management of operations relating to the Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking activities including Capital Market activities
MDA (Market Data Administration) has the worldwide responsibility of managing the market data for the whole Group. As such, MDA serves all business lines and all international entities
MDA has a cross-asset mandate: the data managed can be dynamic (prices) as well as static (definition of instruments) for Shares, Bonds, Futures, Listed options, Warrants, etc. In that respect, MDA relies on data source from different external providers such as Reuters and Bloomberg
MDA set-up is global with a team in New York to guarantee a reliable and effective coverage during NY hours
Key Responsibilities

  • Daily management of Market Data: creation of new instruments and control on existing stock including management of event/corporate actions


  • Improvement of the Market Data processing within the Bank

Key learninq points and challenges

  • Knowledge of the capital market financial products and activities


  • Knowledge of the banking Front to Back processing and challenges


  • Knowledge the legal and regulatory framework applicable in the banking sector


  • Working in an international environment with a dual reporting to local management and Head Office


  • Participation to the local projects involving MDA


  • Direct contact with demanding internal clients such as trading and sales forces

Deputy Head of ITS/ Technical Expert Windows Platform

Location: Manhattan


As part of the ITS team, the primary responsibilities of The Deputy Head of ITS / Technical Expert Windows Platform are the following:


    • Assist the Head of ITS in the Americas and act as his deputy

    • Be the Windows Platform technical lead

    • Work on critical projects related the Windows Platform in the Americas

    • Oversight the Genpact Windows team as part of the MUSO program

    • Participate on the work load estimation of each windows platform related project

  • Key Responsibilities

  • Assign personnel/services to the various projects, direct their activities and ensure adequate project reporting.

  • Coordination with teams on-shore/off-shore, third parties or Head Office for major projects.

  • Provide input to general architecture - including hardware, network, tools, software, etc.

  • Consult with and advise other departments on systems and procedures.

  • Develop good relations with the business; follow relationship with third parties, manage / assist members.

  • Actively work on continuously improving the environment and bring efficiencies to either improve quality, time to deliver or reduce cost.

  • Ensure integrity of all systems - including out of hours support (24/7), where required.

  • Supervise installation of accepted proposals and integrate the new services into existing systems in conjunction with the department managers and personnel affected; explain the new systems and interpret computer output.

  • Ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner and as per procedures defined / standards when applicable

  • Direct research on internally developed systems or third-party customized systems.

  • Conduct feasibility studies, systems design and make recommendations on the appropriate action to be taken.

  • Ensure the following processes are in place and efficiently executed: change management, incident management, problem management, knowledge management, demand management.

  • Exercise the duties of a manager with respect to supervision of all personnel within the team including staffing, training and development, performance appraisals.

    Windows platform technical expert / Architect:

  • Be the Windows platform technical expert and have the lead role in terms of architecture, design and technology.

  • Design, implementation and support of small, medium and large scale environments software and hardware infrastructures.

  • Build and track prototype, pilot, migration and deployment plans

  • Contribute to architecture studies to define appropriate IT solutions

  • Ensure that projects are properly planned, documented and reported following the SPLC.

  • Liaise with Head Office regarding technical standards, security, projects and technology.

  • Provide technical validation of the delivery of the projects.

  • Produce key project documentation e.g. assessment, design, architecture, etc.

  • Provide L4 technical assistance and guidance to the Genpact Network and Telecom team for BAU tasks as well as projects when required.

  • Ensures escalation to L4 expert in the event of critical outage impacting the business to assist the Genpact team for the troubleshooting.

  • Ensures obsolescence of component in the network and telecom area are identified and addressed.

  • Ensures or performs when necessary performance and systems readiness assessments for upgrades and migrations.

  • Ensures adequacy of the Business Continuity Plan and mechanism and oversees the activities in this domain.

  • Ensure that the operations meet US regulatory standards and are done in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures.

    Oversight of the operations for the Windows and Windows Desktop Engineering teams:

  • Ensure Genpact Network team meet deliverables for BAU and Change, including voice recording and monitoring.

  • Approve Change Requests and review incident tickets for Network.

  • Reviews incident reports and ensure adequacy of the action plan. For recurring incidents, ensure problem management is applied.

  • Attend the daily and weekly operational meetings with Genpact when required.

  •  Assist the Head of ITS in the Americas and act as his deputy.

  • Assist the Head of ITS on following up, addressing requests from the business,

  • Ensure the overall quality of the day to day delivery of ITS  across all technical domains

  • Contribute in the definition and review of all ITS and/or Security Policies and Procedures.

  • Assist the Head of ITS in the budget definition and follow up for projects and obsolescence.

  • Participate in the hiring process of key ITS team members (Genpact, Contractors)

  • Attend the ITSSC weekly committee and project steering committees when required.

  • Assist the Head of ITS in following up on any remediation plans under ITS responsibility (BCP, IT Security, etc…)

    Overall Department Objectives including:

  • Maintain and improve service quality.

  • Maintain and improve customer satisfaction (internal and external).

  • Perform assigned responsibilities in a professional manner, and in accordance with company policy.

  • Timely reporting within the IT department’s time tracking system.

  • Timely reporting of incidents, outages, system errors and possible enhancements within the appointed system.

Maintain awareness of the regulatory markets and competitive environment.

Ensure the accuracy of the data within the CMDB (local and Group)
Ensure the respect of policies and procedures of the Bank, as well as regulatory requirements.
Ensure accuracy and expediency of any activity related to audits.
Exercise the duties of a manager with respect to supervision of all staff under responsibility. Reports such activities to the Head of Infrastructure.
Act as an L4 support for the domain when necessary
Secondary support for the DLP solution.
Ensure adherence to LEAN Management processes implemented in NY, especially brief, debrief and PSS.
Promote GIT’s values and visions of “1 Team” across all functions and geographical locations.

Management and Reporting

Supervision of 1 or 2 consultants (depending on project portfolio).
Supervision of the Genpact Windows Team on site and off shore.
Deputy of the Head of ITS in the Americas

Algo Execution Specialist

Location: Manhattan

Candidates must have a demonstrable track record of quantitative model based execution of algorithms and working closely on know-how of the execution process and data analytics. The candidate will monitor, improve effective execution of algo trading strategies. The candidate will be surrounded by developers and traders in order to assist in model development and execution.

  • Analyzing and improving the statistical framework to measure execution quality and costs.

  • Analyzing order flow, algorithmic behavior, and monitoring trade slippage across various assets

  • Develop various market models, slippages cost, TCA etc

  • Work on short term portfolio optimization, short term execution of algos and signals 

  • Should have worked Liquidity sourcing, Volatility Analysis, Capacity analysis based on markets, market impact analysis 

  • Optimize flow based on intraday expectations, impact, market conditions and other factors like algo performance etc.,

  • Analyze data sets to extract information about the flow to optimize the overall execution.

  • Explore, back test, set up experiments and apply various statistical/predictive models, market microstructure and trading domain knowledge for execution optimization

  • Develop trade monitoring and risk management tools for live and historical data

  • Research and evaluate new technologies to facilitate the research process/contribute to advance data analytic s and increase automation of research and trading process. 

  • Interact directly with brokers, developers, senior management, risk, and other teams on the day to day basis

  • 3+ years experience related to data-driven execution research/optimization

  • Strong understanding of applied statistics and data science

  • Excellent programming skills Python, R, C++

  • Knowledge of databases like KDB+ and Linux is a plus

  • Successful low latency, high frequency trading strategies

  • Experience trading CME and other futures venues is desired

  • Attention to detail, critical thinking and problem solving abilities

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, especially written

  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment 


  • Masters or PhD in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, or equivalent.


  • Base salary commensurate with experience.

  • Performance bonus.

  • Medical and dental benefits.

  • 401K

  • Casual and friendly work environment

Quant Developer

Location: Manhattan



  • Lead quantitative trading team’s research efforts

  • Work with senior developers and traders to create a world class research infrastructure

  • Collaborate with team members to design, develop, and refine models


  • Proficiency in machine learning and data mining techniques

  • Successful low latency, high frequency trading strategies

  • Experience in high performance computing environment

  • Experience trading futures or spot FX markets

  • Proficient in Python or R development

  • Team oriented mentality


  • 3+ years’ experience in the equities, futures, fixed income or cash FX markets

  • C++ programming in a Linux environment

  • Ability to make creative and innovative feature sets

  • Strong communication and leadership abilities

  • Desire to train team members


  • Masters or PhD in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, or equivalent.

C#.NET Developer

Opportunity is in Manhattan

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field from an accredited university

  • 10+ years of application development experience, preferably in the financial services industry

  • Experience with C#, ASP.NET and SQL

  • Experience with Visual Studio, SQL Server and SSRS

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript

  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel and Word)

  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP)

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Preference will be given to candidates who also possess:

  • Accounting system experience (Geneva) with RSL/gSQL knowledge          

  • UNIX/Linux systems and automation/scripting

  • AWS or Azure

  • ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET Core, Web services, AJAX, JSON

  • Knowledge of data ingestion, warehousing and distribution

  • PostgreSQL

  • Source control tools such as GitHub and TFS

  • Front-end UI design

  • Financial services industry experience

Linux Engineer

Location: Manhattan 

Job Purpose:

Responsible for administering Linux systems used by internal applications.  Must have a DevOps / programmer background.



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for maintaining all Linux environments including on-prem and public cloud hosted.

  • Must have excellent knowledge of all Linux (RedHat and Ubuntu) systems including kernel level knowledge.

  • Must have a Devops or hacker/programmer background.

  • Implement standard security parameters including restrictions on individual logins, application specific access, etc.

  • Hands on knowledge of containers, microservices, plus commonly used services incl. Kubernetes required.

  • Above average working knowledge of PostgreSQL and Redis required.

  • High-level scripting and automation


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • The successful candidate will be passionate about designing and delivering a robust linux server experience while ensuring a strong risk and controls environment that protects the company.

  • Strong DevOps or programming background and desire to automate /make self service routine tasks.

  • Must have a strong understanding of the underlying technology, as well as trends in the linux and public cloud space.

  • 3+ years’ hands-on experience in the discipline.

  • Hands on experience with RedHat (multiple versions) and Ubuntu.

  • Hands on knowledge of containers (esp. Docker) and microservice architecture.

  • Proven experience of AWS, Azure and other public cloud providers with recent hands on experience

  • Must have a strong understanding of the underlying technologies, as well as trends in this space.

  • Bachelors degree in a related technology field

  • Budget-focused mindset

  • Outstanding organizational abilities, and aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving

  • Ability to apply strategic thinking and demonstrate understanding of requirements to succeed

  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills

  • Excellent people skills, including the ability to understand requirements, and to influence, negotiate & achieve results through others who are not direct reports.

Senior Project Manager

Location: Manhattan 

Job Purpose:

Responsible for the management of IT Projects for employing industry best practices to deliver projects with the highest level of quality.  Must have an excellent customer service mindset and the ability to manage multiple concurrent projects. This is a highly collaborative role, working closely with all departments to assign, schedule, review and monitor projects to ensure progress is within expected guidelines, meets business requirements, completed on time, and within budget.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in business case development, project goal creation and analysis, and in the creation of execution plans for achievement

  • Demonstrates ability to plan, organize and manage all phases of a project lifecycle to ensure successful delivery. Manage project scope, schedule, cost, risk, issues, dependencies, decisions, quality and resources.

  • Create strategic development plans for identified opportunities and ensure these plans are in line with the strategic direction

  • Execute development plans leveraging PMO best practices while working closely with internal stakeholders including infrastructure, application development, legal & compliance, and security.

  • Identify and manage risks, resolve issues, and escalate where appropriate to drive projects to successful completion.

  • Understand the unique technical and regulatory requirements of financial services customers and work closely with the internal development teams to guide the direction of our product offerings for our largest and most complex customers

  • Develop industry leading compliance related, customer-facing resources based on projected customer needs and current demand.


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • 5+ years Project Management / Engagement Management consulting experience managing enterprise level Compliance, Risk, Governance or IT projects in the financial services industry

  • 3+ years of experience in cross disciplinary Agile/SCRUM management of technology projects and business analysis

  • An understanding of the Financial Services compliance landscape and the systems that customers use.

  • A team player who effectively integrates, motivates and builds relationships with cross-functional team members, sponsors, key stakeholders, executives, and other individuals or organizations involved with or affected by the project.

  • Demonstrates the ability to understand the operating styles of others as well as team relationships, team dynamics, and adjusts behavior accordingly to succeed. Recognizes environmental or cultural nuances and adapts.

  • Ability to challenge, recommend and redirect teams as necessary for successful program and project delivery.

  • Actively looks for ways to improve process efficiencies and effectiveness.

  • Takes proactive steps to ensure teams meet or exceed expectations.

  • Ability to demonstrate experience to successfully manage two or more concurrent projects.

  • Experience leveraging formal project management methodologies

  • A history of increasing leadership responsibility and career growth in project management.

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills with team members and audiences of all levels. Plans and oversees the preparation and dissemination of project communications.

  • Competency in Microsoft Office suite and project management toolsets.

  • Works effectively in a dynamic environment with changing priorities

  • Ability to apply strategic thinking and demonstrate understanding of requirements to execute

  • Ability to make decisions guided by policies, procedures and business plan with limited guidance

  • Results-oriented, prioritizes work activities, plans and stays organized in order to meet commitments

  • Must be able to present technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences

  • Excellent people skills, including the ability to influence, negotiate and achieve results through others who are not direct reports.

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